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Pittsburgh Style Hot Sauce "Oak Barrel Aged Edition" (5oz)

Allegheny City Farms

Pittsburgh Style Hot Sauce "Oak Barrel Aged Edition" (5oz)

Our Original Pittsburgh Style Hot Sauce is made with all natural, premium ingredients with it's base being comprised of a 6 month fermented pepper mash and this year's was done in a Wigle Whiskey barrel that Rock Bottom Brewery also made beer in. It's a thin like "table" sauce intended to spice up ANY dish and is considered one the the most flavorful, HOTTEST all natural hot sauces currently on the market. Enjoy with EXTREME caution!

Like Pittsburghers, Pittsburgh Style Hot Sauce delivers a bold in-your-face taste that just won't quit! Try it on your favorite "sammich."  Spice up Aunt Mary's pierogies, or give that fried fish dinner a little more bite with Pittsburgh Style Hot Sauce. The distinctive taste and heat level is achieved by blending a selection of the world's hottest fermented peppers. Not only are we talkin' Ghosts n'at, but we're talkin' Scorpions, 7 Pot Primos, Nagas, and the world-record holding Carolina Reapers! Pittsburgh Style is made with the finest turbinado sugar and purest rice vinegar, but it ain't too fancy to gussy up Uncle Frank's chili. Put the chair in your parkin' spot and hurry out to get another bottle 'cause yinz are almost out.


Ingredients: Fermented super hot pepper mash(Ghosts, Scorpions, 7 Pots, Primos, Carolina Reapers), Rice Vinegar, Turbinado Cane Sugar, Fresh Garlic, Meyer Lemon Juice, Pink Himalayan Salt and other spices



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